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Clarice is a strong, immensely successful Wall Street attorney who has made her way to the top of the cutthroat-male-dominated business world by being able to hold her own with the good old boys. However, it hasn’t been without a price: her sexuality. Clarice’s motto of never mixing business with pleasure is compromised by a temptation she is unable to resist. In turn she finds that success in business and pleasure is possible. Sweat dripped down every crack and crevice of Clarice’s tone sleek body. Her daily six miles of hell on the treadmill that she put herself through each morning was not for amateurs and showed with a physique that was carved to perfection. She knew it was a narcissistic need to punish her. A flaw that she felt played in her favor in the business world, so this was her constant justification. Clarice’s success as a corporate attorney gained her a reputation that was not favorable, but was highly respected. Being liked wasn’t something she ever desired, as this was seen as weak and vulnerable. Respect was all she needed. She had worked very hard to maintain her cold, matter-of-fact image. Her ruthlessness with others solidified this persona. As she slowly undressed from her workout clothes, Clarice thought of the powerful clients who sought her out personally. They would pay any price to have her close the deals on their multimillion dollar transactions. No, world tycoons did not “like” Clarice. They respected her and needed her. She was merciless and often cold-blooded, and always made her clients more money than they had ever anticipated. She stood naked in front of the wall of mirrors in her five-star master bathroom of her upper Manhattan apartment. Her body was sheer perfection. She paused a moment to admire her long elegant legs. Men and women alike would die to have those limbs wrapped around them in ecstasy. Her eyes fell to the sweet womanly spot between her legs. Immediately, her hand followed, and she slowly rubbed herself softly. Clarice loved the appearance and touch of her tidy Brazilian wax. She prided herself on keeping fully groomed, and it showed. She reached deeper between the folds and let out an unexpected gasp of pleasure. Gently parting her legs, she could feel her arousal soar and the wetness increased with each stroke. Her other hand instinctively grasped her firm, full breast that still glistened from her morning torture on the treadmill. Both hands increased in motion and urgency. She pushed deeper inside with one hand and grasped a nipple tightly with the other. As her paced continue to increase she could feel herself coming undone. God, this felt good. Suddenly, her legs began to shake. “Oh, yes!” she cried out in pleasure as every fiber in her exploded. Panting heavily Clarice slowly regained her sense. She chuckled softly to herself. What had gotten into her? She had always been able to hold her own in the bedroom and considered herself to have a healthy sex drive. Lately, however, it was like her sexual appetite was in overdrive. She found herself turned on by the smallest things. She frowned in annoyance. It was starting to be a distraction, and she worried that she was losing her razor-sharp edge ability to keep her emotions in check at all times. Not having time to dwell on the issue any longer, she quickly showered and dressed. She looked flawless as always. Her dark pencil skirt was cut high enough to feature the glory of her slender legs. Heels added more to the length and drew the eyes up to her full hips and small waist. The tailored blouse accentuated just the right amount of her high, full breasts. Her luscious brunette locks were drawn up tightly which emphasized her perfect cheekbones and mouth. But above all of her magnificent features, Clarice knew her large, deep brown eyes with their oversized lashes were the main feature that made men and women stop and take notice the most. Her eyes seemed to tell a story of longing that drew people in immediately. It only took a few minutes with Clarice to understand that those eyes could also turn into weapons that held cold calculated motives which anyone should fear. Clarice opted to carry her suit jacket. She told herself it was because of the beautiful summer day outside, but secretly she knew it was so everyone at the office could get their fill. There she again...wanted to feel like a sexual diva among her colleagues and co-workers. The nonsense of it all... She quickly made a mental note to visit with her amateur therapist this week about her ridiculous new urges that seemed to be consuming too much of her precious time and energy. “Good morning, Ms. Langford,” stammered a visibly nervous, twenty-something, attractive strawberry-blonde seated at the receptionist desk outside Clarice’s office. Clarice coldly rose and disapproving eyebrow at the woman. “Good morning, Kristy,” Clarice said while boring a stare through the young girl. She could not understand why her secretary of over two years was always so nervous and skittish. Clarice deeply detested the unconfident and amateur behavior from Kristy. She had told her so numerous times. Kristy was efficient, attractive, and seemingly intelligent. She had no reason to act so sheepish. Clarice had seen Kristy handle belligerent, rude clients with a strong-arm that challenged even her very own abilities. She would have to visit with Kristy again about this behavior as she hated to have to fire the girl go over such a frivolous thing. “Any messages this morning...?” Clarice asked. Kristy rose from her chair on shaky legs and presented several trembling pieces of paper to her boss. Clarice took the notes and proceeded to her office while Kristy followed obediently. “Mr. Hoffman called to schedule a conference call on the Heise deal. He said it was urgent that this be done and taken care of today,” Kristy stated gathering her emotions. Clarice roller her eyes... “Mr. Hoffman has been told that if we move on the deal before the books are closed out it will cost everyone, including him, a great deal of money. I will return his call on Monday.” She smiled, “It will do him good to have to think on it a while. He always wants to jump the gun. It’s getting old.” Kristy nodded in understanding. “Where is the final documentation on the Heyse deal anyway?” Clarice asked. She had asked Kristy for it a few days ago. It wasn’t like her to not be able to track down and produce every scrap that Clarice asked for in the speed of light. Kristy looked down at her modest pumps on her feet, “I’m sorry,” she said much too quietly. “It seems that they have been delayed, but I was given word that they would be here by the end of the day.” “Delayed? How so..?” Clarice stated with a bit too much insolence in her tone. Kristy stuttered and cleared her throat. “Sonja, um, I mean, Ms. Jones said she is finishing the final draft and will drop the papers off personally this afternoon once they are ready.” Clarice frowned at the thought of Sonja Jones. Sonja had given Clarice quite a run for her money in negotiations of the Heise deal. It both disturbed and intrigued Clarice at the tenacity of the woman. There was something about Sonja Jones that she could not put her finger on. It had been a long time since Clarice had been challenged in such a way. Clarice remembered her first encounter with Ms. Jones. The woman had nearly taken all of the air from the entire conference room when she entered that day. She was the most incredible creature Clarice had ever laid eyes on. Her body moved like a gazelle to the opposite side of the conference table. This was unfamiliar ground to Clarice. She was usually the one that had the tongues of both sexes waging on command. Sonja Jones continued to impress with her quick wit and intellect. She immediately established a dominate presence before Clarice could realize what had happened. By the end of the deal she had negotiated terms that had sent Clarice’s head spinning. She walked away feeling a twinge of defeat. This, too, was something very unfamiliar to the powerful corporate attorney, Clarice Langford. Clarice could feel wetness in her satin panties. Her breath began to quicken, and she could feel an increased pounding in her chest and between her legs with each additional thought of Sonja. She could sense her breast swell as they rapidly rose and fell with her increased breathing. “Ah, hum.” A sound abruptly interrupted her train of thought. “Ms. Langford?” Kristy’s voice pieced through the passion Clarice was consumed by. “Excuse me, Ms. Langford?” Clarice was once again well aware of her surroundings and the presence of Kristy. She was coldly jolted from her fantasy of Sonja. She shuttered slightly and tried to regain her composure, so Kristy was unaware of where her thoughts had been. Kristy’s face reddened with embarrassment. She was bewildered by how to respond to the sudden change in her boss. She had become aware of Clarice’s change in temperament and mood when dealing with or talking about Sonja Jones. But never before had Clarice ever responded physically in such a way. Had Kristy read her correctly? Certainly, she hadn’t. Ms. Jones was just a thorn in the side of her boss to the likes of which had never experienced. Sonja challenged Clarice. There was no doubt about that. But what Kristy saw was arousal. Sheer, unbridled arousal.... It was very uncomfortable. “Ms. Langford?” “Yes!” Clarice finally answered a bit too loud and sudden. “When did Ms. Jones say she would be by today?” she stated with a bit more control and restraint. “She just said late this afternoon, Ma’am.” “Very well.... That will be all, Kristy. Thank you.” Kristy gladly excused herself from Clarice’s office. She immediately dreaded the arrival of their afternoon guest. Clarice’s thoughts instantly went back to Sonja Jones. There was something that bothered her. Why it was that Ms. Jones was delivering the documents herself? Surely, she had a plethora of office staff and messengers who could accomplish the task just as easily. There was immediate anger mixed with an unrecognizable fear that welled up in Clarice. She wasn’t sure what kind of mind games Ms. Jones thought she could play with her, but Clarice would quickly put Sonja in her place when she arrived. The afternoon was filled with meetings and phone calls. None of which seemed important or of interest to Clarice. She watched the clock all day as if it would magically spin to the exact time of Sonja’s arrival. Soon the afternoon shadows outside turned into the soft glow of the early summer evening. Clarice had finally been able to get her mind off of her expected guest by immersing herself in the next big deal she was scheduled to close next week. If she could manage it just right, it would prove to be her biggest account to date. She began meticulously laying out the pieces to ensure its success. Suddenly, a heavenly smell wafted into her office. She could not place the blissful aroma, but it moved her to the core. Clarice’s heart began to race. There was something movingly familiar about the scent. Was she going mad? Quickly she lifted her head from her work to look at the large wall clock on the glass wall at the far end of her office. Her breath caught. There standing in front of her was the figure of beauty that had consumed her thoughts for the past eight hours. Sonja Jones smiled pleasantly. “Ms. Langford, I hope I am not interrupting?” Sonja was out of her mind with anticipation for this moment. Her day had been worthless by means of trying to get work done. When Clarice Langford’s secretary had called earlier that week asking about the final documentation on the Heise deal she saw a brilliant opportunity. It was all she could do to not run over to Clarice’s office on the spot. Sonja had not been able to stop thinking about her since their final negotiations meeting. She had spent many years hearing and reading about the unflappable Clarice Langford. Several of her very own clients had defected to Clarice’s services in anticipation of a better settlement and had not been disappointed. Sonja knew her strengths. She was aware of her ability to hold her own with the best corporate attorneys in the business. However, never did she think that she would be able to out negotiate Clarice Langford. However, it was not the thrill of the recent negotiated victory that had Sonja wound up for the past few weeks. It was something much deeper that she could not explain. A longing and curiosity for Clarice overwhelmed her constantly. It had quickly gone from an intellectual desire to a physical ache that she could not explain. As she stood in front of Clarice’s desk all of the reasons as to why she would be so enthralled with the women were evident. She was a vision. Confidently, Clarice responded, “Ms. Jones, I see you took your time with the requested paperwork. I hope this is not a routinely practiced business habit of yours.” Lord did she look good. So much better than Clarice had even remembered and fantasized about. Sonja’s long blonde hair was unearthly. Clarice could almost feel its softness cascading over her own nude breasts. Her taut blouse exposed a slight amount of cleavage, but gave Clarice a vivid look at the true firmness and size of their beauty and splendor. She had a sudden urge to expose the beautiful mounds. Clarice envisioned her hands pulling and squeezing the flesh until her mouth could find the dark buds. She sucked and played with a frenzy she had never experienced before. “I apologize for my tardiness, Ms. Langford.” Clarice slowly rose from her desk chair and was not surprised to find she was aroused for the third time that day. She willed her sexual emotions to subside in hopes that her body would follow suit. What was this unexplainable hold that this woman had on her? And better yet, how did she make it stop? “I did not hear my secretary buzz you in,” Clarice stated matter-of-factly. Sensing Clarice’s displeasure, Sonja spoke up, “Again, I apologize. You were working so intently that I asked your secretary to not bother you, and told her that I could let myself in as you were expecting me.” “That doesn’t sound like something Kristy would allow,” Clarice reputed. “It took some convincing.” Sonja smiled again. “But I guess I can be rather convincing when I need to be. Don’t be angry with her. May I have a seat?” Sonja gestured to the white leather chair in front of Clarice’s desk. She felt the need to sit as seeing Clarice had taken much more of a toll on her nerves than she had ever anticipated. Unflinching, Clarice said, “Certainly. I will have Kristy bring you something to drink while we tie u lose ends.” “Oh, I sent her home, Clarice,” interjected Sonja. A thrill of excitement went through Clarice’s entire body as her name rolled out of Sonja’s sweet, full mouth. She immediately suppressed the thought of what that mouth could do to her body. Every inch of her helpless body… “Excuse me?” Clarice asked. “You did what?” “I sent her home,” Sonja said very softly. “Come now. It is nearly seven-thirty on a Friday night. The poor girl needs a life outside your office wouldn’t you say?” Anger arose in the place of Clarice’s gut where passion once was. Sonja paid no attention to Clarice’s immediate and apparent rage. She continued, “Again I must apologize if I overstepped. I knew that the two of us could handle this matter alone, and that there was no need for her to stick around while we hashed out the final details.” Her voice was comforting and soothing. Just as Clarice had envisioned every other part of Sonja.... “It seems that you are doing an awful lot of apologizing, Ms. Jones. A nasty habit thst is best left to amateurs in our line of work wouldn’t you say?” Sonya chuckled as she stroked the lapel on her blouse, “Yes. That is something that I think we can finally agree on. Please, call me Sonya.” Or scream my name in pleasure if you’d like, Sonja thought to herself. God, what I wouldn’t give to touch inside you right now. Clarice hesitated for a moment. Was Sonja flirting with her? She couldn’t possibly sense the obvious arousal Sonja’s presence was causing her. Clarice suddenly felt the need to flee. An urgency to run overcame her. “I’m sure all of the necessary details are outlined as we discussed,” she stated taking the paperwork from Sonja. “I will look them over and give you a call next week if my client has any issues with them. It is my turn to apologize for making you come all this way on a Friday night. I’m sure a courier could have delivered them and saved you the trouble.” Surprised by her sudden invitation to leave so soon, Sonja replied, “It really was no trouble at all.” This wasn’t going nearly as smooth as she had envisioned it the hundreds of times in her mind. “You need to eat.” She blurted out. “I beg your pardon?” asked Clarice trying to hide her instant anxiety. “Dinner... Food... Nourishment,” teased Sonja thinking quickly on her feet. She amazed herself at how bold she was being on the outside when on the inside it felt as if she were caving in. “Honestly, when was the last time you ate today? Quickie lunch..? Power breakfast?” Now that Clarice thought about it she was famished. Her preoccupation with the woman standing before her had made her lose track of all basic needs like food and sleep. The last thing that she had eaten was a protein bar after her workout this morning. Her silence spoke volumes. “That’s what I thought,” beamed Sonja. “Come on,” she prodded. “I know a great place in the upper Westside that is quiet and out of the way. They are sushi rolls that you would die for.” Clarice was stunned. This seemed like a bad idea. A very bad idea... Her inner thighs were having an all-out, drag-down, knock-out fight with her sensible head. Before she knew what she was saying she heard her voice. “Sounds fabulous...” The cab ride across town was unbearable. Clarice and Sonja tried to make small talk, but the sexual tension simply rose off the chart. When they got into the taxi their thighs briefly brushed one another and both women paused with obvious excitement and arousal. Clarice was the first to speak and brushed it off as unnoticeable. “Do you always make a point of bossing other lawyer’s help around and kidnapping them for uninvited dinner escapades?” Clarice asked playfully. She was surprised by her own tone. Since when did she become THAT woman? Such an amateur... Her entire life she despised the woman who batted her eyes and giggled with pleasure at the mere thought of sexual interests. “Escapades...? Is that what this is, Clarice?” Sonja stated barely above a whisper. At this point Sonja was finding it impossible to restrain herself. Clarice’s body was even more beautiful up close. She could feel the heat radiating between them and prayed she was not reading the signals wrong. Her body was too worked up at this point. Rejection from Clarice now would be too much to be bare. However, confirmation of the burning lust would send her soaring over the edge, and she had never remembered wanting something so badly. Before Clarice could answer the car came to a stop. They made their way through the corridor of the New York high rise to the elegant glass elevator. They waited in painful silence for the clear chamber to take them to the top. Once inside, the elevator slowly began its climb. Through the floor to ceiling glass walls they looked out in amazement at the beautiful skyline that was illuminated with nothing but the night lights from the city. Sonja slowly went over to the control panel, found the STOP button, and pressed it. She turned to Clarice with fiery desire in her eyes. Clarice felt her body respond and spoke, “I have learned that the key to success, Ms. Jones, is to never mix business with pleasure. It seems that I might be breaking that philosophy tonight.” Clarice stepped toward Sonja. Their breasts were touching ever so slightly. As they looked into each other’s eyes they knew at that instant how badly they both wanted each other. Weeks of pent up frustration and sexual tension spilled into the air of the small elevator. “I have wanted to make you mine since the moment I first laid eyes on you,” Clarice gasped. Sonya whimpered in pleasure. Understanding fully the torment that Clarice had endured. “I needed you so badly,” Sonya said almost pleading in pain. Their lips were so close they could feel each other’s warm breath on their lips. “Well, now you have me. So do what you want with me.” Sonya wasted no time. She wanted this to last, but the savage need between them would not allow. He mouth immediately found Clarice’s soft, sensual lips. They opened for her. Inviting and encouraging Sonja to explore. Clarice’s hands found Sonya’s beautiful mounds that she had so longed for. As her blouse fell open Clarice undid the elegant lace bra with ease releasing overwhelming sensations in both women. Her hands fondled them urgently. Sonya threw back her head in pleasure. There was nothing amateur about Clarice she thought. “Harder,” she gasped through Clarice’s wet lips. Clarice tightened her hold. She released her mouth from Sonya’s and slowly slid her tongue between her breasts. Sonya could feel herself wanting to climax. Clarice began sucking feverishly on her right nipple and grasped the left breast with conviction of her own enjoyment. Sonya’s body shuttered in pleasure... Then just when Sonya thought she couldn’t take any more, Clarice slid her hand down Sonya’s designer dress pants and spread her womanly lips with her fingers. They glided to Sonya’s precious nub and began to rub it violently sending her into spasms. She thrust them deep inside over and over until she milked the juices from Sonya, and she exploded into ecstasy. “I’ve never been so turned on,” panted Clarice as she kissed and caressed Sonja’s breast. Sonya lifted Clarice’s chin and smiled, “Just wait,” she warned. “My turn....” With stealth-like hands Sonya slid Clarice’s pencil skirt up around her waist exposing her perfect thighs. “Oh, these legs,” Sonya groaned. “How badly I want these legs around me.” She slid down Clarice’s body until her lips found what she was looking for. Instinctively, and without hesitation Clarice parted her legs exposing her drenched, black satin panties. “My favorite,” whispered Sonya. She slowly slid the panties to the floor and began lapping up the wonders of Clarice’s womanhood. Clarice closed her eyes and fought back the urge to bust at the seams. Sonya’s tongue found her way into Clarice’s deep folds. Clarice moaned. Sonya’s tongue went deeper. With each moan of pleasure from Clarice, Sonya found a way to go deeper with her tongue. “Oh… Oh… Oh…” panted Clarice as her climax approached. Then Sonya’s fingers found Clarice’s nub and attacked the precious spot while her tongue continued to devour. It was too much for Clarice to contain any longer. She erupted in pleasure so great it made her fall back onto the glass elevator handrail and grip it with pleasure. “Yes! God, yes!” she screamed. In that fleeting fraction of a second, Clarice was filled with utter clarity. Having it all was possible she thought. This is what complete success feels like, she thought to herself. Smiling, she let out an elated sigh of gratitude and pleasure.



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